Education History

You will be required to provide evidence of your education qualification leading to licensing/registration to practice nursing. You will be advised if this information is to be submitted by you directly to CGFNS or if it is to be submitted by the education provider to CGFNS. How this evidence will be collected will be communicated to you in an email from CGFNS after your initial application.

If you are directed to have your education institution submit directly to CGFNS

CGFNS must receive documentation of your relevant nursing qualification that led to registration as a nurse. This will include nursing education at the following levels:

  • Entry-level nursing education (e.g. Associates Degree in Nursing, Diploma in Nursing, Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing, post graduate qualification leading to registration).
  • Post-entry level nursing education if initial qualification is not at degree level (e.g. RN to BSN programs).

If you are directed to have your education institution submit directly to CGFNS

Your educational institution should send to CGFNS:

  • The completed nursing education form (which you will download from the Applicant Portal and send to them).
  • A full academic transcript, which CGFNS defines as a record of an applicant’s courses taken, along with credit/clock hours that the applicant received for each course.
    • Transcripts from certain countries/jurisdictions also require supplemental documentation such as:
      • Related Learning Experience (Philippines).
      • School and university mark sheets (India).
      • Diploma supplement (European Union countries).
      • Evidence of your clinical experience hours (United States).

If you are directed to submit your education information yourself to CGFNS

  • If you have been advised by CGFNS to provide evidence of your nursing qualification to CGFNS directly, then you will need to do the following: Complete a legal self-declaration to CGFNS about your nursing education
  • Upload to CGFNS a copy of your academic transcript.
  • Upload to CGFNS a copy of your qualification certificate

Note: If you do not already have copies of your transcript and qualification certificate, please request these from the academic institution as soon as you are advised by CGFNS.

CGFNS International will be closed Monday, February 19 for the U.S. Presidents Day Holiday. Regular hours will resume on February 20.