Employment History

  1. NCNZ requires that you must have been employed as a nurse for at least two of the last five years prior to applying for registration. You may still apply for the Credentials Verification Service but if you have not worked as a nurse for at least two of the last five years, the decision made by the NCNZ regarding your registration application may be affected.
  2. You cannot apply to CVS-NCNZ if you have no work experience as a nurse.
  3. You will be required to request all employers where you have ever been employed as a nurse within the last five years to send documentation to CGFNS regarding your employment history and the current status of your nursing employment.
While the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) causes concern around the world, we at CGFNS want to assure you that we are operating as usual. We are monitoring the situation and have systems in place to protect the health of staff as they continue to serve you in this difficult time. We encourage everyone to follow WHO and CDC guidelines.