Identity Documents

  1. Submit notarized copies of two forms of identification (one being a passport) directly to CGFNS that verify your current name, with no abbreviations. In addition, you must submit additional identity documents to verify any other names that you once held that may appear on any documents CGFNS will receive from your educational institutions, license/registration authorities, employers or language testing vendors.
  2. Acceptable forms of photo identification (ID) are:
    1. Passports (required)
    2. Driver’s License(s)
    3. Other government-issued photo identification
  3. Other acceptable forms of identification include:
    1. Birth Certificates
    2. Marriage Certificates
    3. Divorce Certificates
    4. Legal Name Change Affidavits
  4. To be acceptable, all photo IDs are required to include a clear photo of yourself (send color copies) and be current (not expired) at the time it is received by CGFNS.
  5. You are responsible for all fees related to preparing your notarized documents. If any of these documents are written in a language other than English, they must be translated by a certified translator.
  6. CGFNS does not accept original identity documents but accepts photocopies of the original document. These photocopies must be notarized copies of the original documents (signed, dated and stamped by an individual authorized to notarize documents, which could include: notary publics, attorneys, etc.). You must be with the notary at the time the original documents are copied and notarized. The notary is required to make a statement on all notarized identity document photocopies that the notary has seen the original document and that they certify that the copy is a “true copy” of the original (with the exception of a legal name affidavit which itself is an original document).