License Validation

  1. To be eligible to apply for CVS-NCNZ, you must be licensed/registered as a nurse in your country of education and hold an active license as a nurse in some jurisdiction, unless the following exceptions apply:
    1. You were educated in a county where there is no nursing license.
    2. You are not eligible to practice in your country of education due to lack of citizenship in that country.
  2. You will be required to request all authorities for the jurisdictions where you have been licensed/registered to send documentation to CGFNS regarding your license/registration history and the current status of your license to practice.
While the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) causes concern around the world, we at CGFNS want to assure you that we are operating as usual. We are monitoring the situation and have systems in place to protect the health of staff as they continue to serve you in this difficult time. We encourage everyone to follow WHO and CDC guidelines.